These pages will focus on a particular part of World War Two, namely the conditions that befell on the German capital, starting with the breakout of war in September 1939 and finally normalized fifty years later, almost to date, in November 1989 when the Berlin Wall crumbled, thus ending the Cold War and five decades of hostilities in Berlin.

Even today, more than twenty years later, the scars of war are relatively easy to find, although a building boom of gigantic proportions has been an ongoing venture ever since. And as a growing sense of reconciliation with this gloomy chapter in Berlin's history is embraced by post-war generations, more and more of these scars are now subject to preservation, rather than repairs, seen as a warning from history.



On these pages everything is still in the mould and will be for some time. Progress will be somewhat erratic as resources are available and changes will occur frequently. 

Some of the ideas, I have, embrace:

> A walk-through of the last days in the Fuehrerbunker and debunking of some popular myths.

> An overview of the fighting in Berlin.

> Everyday life in occupied Berlin.

> Then-and-Now photo galleries.

> Information and  hints on places to visit.

> Maps and timelines.


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  by wartourist, 2012