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This page concerns itself with news that is of interest for the battlefield and war tourist. It is generated through scanning of leading media such as CNN, Der Spiegel, Daily Telegraph, BBC News and The Times, and is updated weekly. Present content:

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Updated: 2009.02.13

      War Tourist Tidbits      
      BBC News, April 6th, 2009: Hunt for WW2 explosives (Gosport, Hampshire, England)      
      Telegraph, April 3rd, 2009: Memorial for 55.573 heroes in Bomber Command in the mould (London)      
      NY Times, March 25th, 2009: Talk about a bad hair day: Surviving both A-Bombs (Japan)      
      Der Spiegel, March 23rd, 2009: Wanna see the Berlin Wall topple again? (Berlin)      
      Der Spiegel, February 13th, 2009: Going to the Dresden anniversary this year? (Germany)      
      Der Spiegel, February 12th, 2009: Did the Nazis escape to Antarctica in a UFO?  ;-)      
      Telegraph, January 24th, 2009: WW2 bombs under US Embassy - 60 of them (Manila, Philippines)      
      BBC Home, December 15th 2008: Guernsey bunker reveals well preserved items (Channel Islands)      
      BBC News, December 4th, 2008: WW2 Pillbox yields BP 55.000.00 (Cambridgeshire, England)      
      BBC World, November 11th, 2008: Centenarian and Super-centenarians mark end of The Great War      
      BBC News, November 10th, 2008: Murder investigation 65 years on (Poland)      
      Telegraph, October 15th, 2008: Air-raid tunnels for sale; a mere £5M (London)      
      Der Spiegel, October 14th, 2008: The Lethal Legacy of Word War Two (Germany)      
      Der Spiegel, August 5th, 2008: Big Stash of Weapons found on building site (Berlin)      
      Daily Mail, August 4th, 2008: Sea unearths Nazi bunkers hidden for more than 50 years (Houvig)      
      BBC News, June 24th, 2008: Hole in one? WW2 bunker discovered on golf course (England)      
      Spiegel Online, April 16th, 2008: What to do with Hitler's submarine bunker? (Wilhelmshaven)      
      Der Spiegel, March 17th, 2008: Warship "HMAS Sydney" found after 66 years (Australia)      
      Deutsche Welle, October 14th, 2007: Artist bring light into dark of former bunker (Windeck, Bonn)      
      Wall Street Journal, October 14th, 2007: Nazi bunkers become nature preserves (Westwall)      
      Times Online, September 16th, 2007: Pilot killed in WW2 Hurricane crash at air show (Brighton, England)      
      Reuters, September 11th, 2007: Germans fight to preserve Nazi bunkers (Westwall)      
      BBC News, July 14th, 2007: War bunker unearthed at airfield (Teesside, England)      
      Times Online, June 24th, 2007: WW2 Fighter plane escapes icy tomb (Greenland and USA)      
      The Sun, June 20th, 2007: WW2 Bomb in beer garden (Dorset, England)      
      BBC News, March 5th, 2007: Jersey war tunnels - a part of the Atlantic Wall (Channel Islands)      
      Armourer Magazine, January 30th, 2007: German Battery unearthed after 60 years (Omaha Beach)      
      Times Online, June 10th, 2006: This way to Hitler's bunker (Berlin)      
      Times Online, August 5th, 2003: Italians open Nazi bunker tourists (Monte Soracte, outside Rome)      
      Times Online, October 25th, 2002: Mussolini's secret bunker uncovered (Rome)      
      Prague TV, October 7th, 2002: History's Secret Graveyard (Prague)      
      CNN, May 23rd, 2001: Hong Kong WW2 bomb sparks chaos      

Specially about the Führerbunker

      The Sun, January 22nd, 2009: I was Hitlers bunker bodyguard (Berlin)      
      Der Spiegel, July 30th, 2007: Interview with Rochus Misch as he turned 90 (Berlin)      
      Der Spiegel, June 19th, 2007: Digital re-mastering of Hitler's bunker released (Berlin)      
      BBC News, October 15th, 1999: Hitler's "Führerbunker" unearthed (Berlin)      
      Edutainment News for the War Tourist       

German Bunkers in Denmark is a production by two heavyweight veterans in the bunker business; Jens Andersen & Rudi Rolf. The book hit the market in 2006 and is a must if you take an interest in the some 8000 constructions that were erected in Denmark during WW2.
Obtainable from:
Museumscenter Hanstholm

This is actually an oldtimer, but without comparison the best and most comprehensive production, depicting the Second World War. It is an absolute must for anyone who want the full picture, from the Desert to the Arctic, from the Poland campaign, Dunkerque, Stalingrad, the Holocaust, D-Day and Hiroshima. Obtainable from: Amazon, IWM and local retailers


Click cover to read a review of this book

The Adolf Guns at Trondenes are today the largest remaining naval cannons on land in the World. This book has just hit the market in an English version and deals not only with Trondenes, but also the three other batteries where the huge 406 mm guns were installed.

Obtainable from:

fuhrerbunker.jpg (14502 byte)

This DVD is actually a year old or so and deals only with the ante-bunker under the old Reichs Chancellery. The digital re-mastering is excellent, however, and the really exciting part is, that a DVD with the actual Führerbunker is in the mould, according to their website. German & English speak (I sincerely hope ;-)
Obtainable from:
Der Führerbunker

      Time Out (Hints for the hungry and/or sleepy war tourist - in the mould, pending input from YOU!)      

If you plan to take the Hanstholm/Kristiansand tour and if you are on a budget, I can highly recommend Hanstholm Soemandshjem (Sailors Home) as one of the pit stops. It is nice and clean, quiet and situated centrally just across the street to the Kristiansand Ferry. And it is affordable with a nice breakfast included in the price (a single room equals some 50-60 Euros in 2009)

Have not tried the restaurant yet.

See more on their Homepage (English and German)  


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