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This page comprises a handful of links to excellent pages dealing with European war history. Note: Including these links on my site does not imply any endorsements or cooperation, nor does it mean I take any responsibility for the content inherent on these sites. Feel free to contact me, if a link is broken, if you discover subversive material or if you have suggestions to a page that should be listed here.

Link organization:
Atlantic Wall, Denmark (Well, obviously pages that deal specifically with the Danish part of the Wall)
Atlantic Wall in Europe
(Mostly pages that deal with an overview of the Wall)
Atlantic Wall places (Pages, that focus on a specific part of the Wall - outside Denmark)
Cold War (Yep, you guessed it)
Communities (Places where war tourists can upload and share - and get inspired to new trips)
Fortifications i Scandinavia (Pages dealing with Scandinavian fortification history, not necessarily WW2)
Extreme War Tourism (Going to far away places)
Touring & Tour Organizers (War & battlefield tourism tour organizers)
Publishers & Newsletters (Publishers concerned especially with military history and fortifications)
Dictionary type
(Pages offering statistics, information in general etc.)
History type (Military and political background stuff, major events etc.)
Video Clips (e.g. from YouTube)

Updated: 2009.02.02

Atlantic Wall, Denmark
The Atlantic Wall in Denmark
Language: English

This page presents what seem to be a complete listing of Regelbau bunkers in Denmark (in German) illustrated by lots of photos and miscellaneous information.

Language: English & German

A comprehensive page with lots of text on the Danish Atlantic Wall, history, construction etc., spiced with a host of excellent photos.

Bunker X-site
Language: English

A page with lots and lots of photos from the Danish Atlantic Wall. Has a "Photo of the day" feature and RSS-feed

Language: English

A page especially dedicated to the German Air Force and Marine activities in Denmark during WW2, but also with hints to aerial photo interpretation and lots of other stuff. 

Atlantic Wall in Europe
Language: English

A very thorough site comprising lots of maps and photos on battery positions in France and England, and with an extremely comprehensive links portal.

Atlantikwall Website
Language: English (with some Dutch between)

A somewhat messy site that is no longer updated, but still contains lots of useful information

Language: English

A very comprehensive site that offers an overview of the armament installed in the Atlantic Wall and armored parts installed in a bunker. Also has a section on "Bunker Art".

Language: English

Dan McKenzie's page let you take virtual tours in e.g. the Maginot Line, East German Cold War shelters and in Norway 

Deutsches Atlantikwall-Archiv
Language: German

The DAWA homepage. Lots of good photos and texts. Obviously also a display case for DAWA's publications. 

Lost Places
German & English

Hein's website is packed with photos and info from... well, mostly everywhere ;-) And not only A-Wall stuff but dozens other of war-related places.  Personally, I will use it as a source of inspiration where to go next - and so can you... 

Dutch & English

This comprehensive Dutch/English website is a well of information on and photos of the entire Normandy coast, the landing beaches, the fortifications and much more. 

Atlantic Wall places
Language: German

A comprehensive page on the Wall in France, especially for the German-speaking audience. Does also contain a photo section on Regelbau comprising data such as size, amount of concrete used etc.

Language: English

An excellent and descriptive page with a host of interesting photos from Germany, France, Holland, Belgium, England, Spain and Estonia. Route directions are given to several locations.

Festung St. Nazaire
Language: French & some English

This page may initially seem somewhat confusing, but make no mistakes. Among other things, it has an array of nicely crafted bunker blueprints. Worth a visit.

Batterie de Merville
Language: French and English

One of the D-Day priorities, the Merville Battery near Caan, has it's own site.

The Adolf Gun
Language: Norwegian and English

The worlds largest caliber gun and the most powerful battery remaining in the Atlantic Wall can be found in Trondenes, Norway. One gun and bunker remain operational for you to see.

Cold War places
Language: Danish

Stevnsfortet was the 1951 sentry-post designed to seal off the Danish interior waters against Warsaw-pact traffic during the Cold War. The underground fortress is now a museum

Language: Danish

Another Cold War fortress at the island of Langeland. Four 150 mm Gneisenau-guns and a Polish MIG 23 among other interesting stuff.

Language: English

This is a new and cool site where you have the opportunity to upload and share photos and accounts from your favorite spots, and get inspired by others to visit new places. Joining is free, so no need to hesitate ;-)

Fortifications in Scandinavia
Forter og befæstningsanlæg
Language: Danish

A "private" website with lots of good photos from Denmark, Norway and Sweden.

Nationale Festningsanlæg
Language: Norwegian

Norway is packed with fortifications, both WW2 and earlier, and this is the official website describing them. Sadly in Norwegian only. 

Extreme War Tourism
Arctic War
Language: English

These guys go all the way, trekking the Barents trail to scavenge for evidence of the Arctic War. One of the most interesting pages I have seen.

Touring & Tour Organizers
Language: Danish & English

CulTours is a Danish travel organizer specializing in tourism to battlefields and places of (war) historic significance. Competent and knowledgeable travel guides are used complemented with local resources.

Normandy Battle Tours
Language: English

I have not yet traveled with these guys, but it looks interesting and affordable. Groups or individuals are guided on tailored tours. They are also on facebook, if you care to check them out.

Omaha Beach
Language: English & German

A web site dedicated to the men who fought on Omaha-Beach on June 6th 1944 with special emphasis on the German side. The web owner also conduct Normandy Battlefield tours.

Publishers & Newsletters
Fort & Bunker
Language: Swedish

A Swedish publisher concerned with military history and fortifications. Publishes unique books on these subjects and a quarterly newsletter; Fort & Bunker (Fortress & Bunker)

Major Snowdon Le Cornu
Language: English

If you are a connoisseur of the "Biggles" books and enjoy adventurous tales of gentlemen fighting the Hun in the skies, you should get to know Major Snowdon, the brainchild of author Ed van Driel.  

Dictionary type
Language: English

Dictionary for army, navy and air force terms and abbreviations.

Lexikon der Wehrmacht
Language: German

All conceivable data on the German Army during WW2 

Language: German

A comprehensive dictionary on Axis and Alkied tanks and vehicles during WW2. OBS: Partly infested with pop-up advertising.

History type
Battlefield Normandy
Language: English & Dutch

This page could also be listed under Atlantic Wall as it is filled with lots of A-Wall photos, but it focus on D-Day and the story of the brave men who fought and gave their lives for freedom.

Wochenschau Archive
Language: German & English

A very comprehensive collection of WW2 material including newsreels and combat footage. Registration required, but a well of information 

      Video Clips (YouTube)      

The following titles link to video clips on YouTube that have special reference to fortifications, the Atlantic Wall or WW2 in general 

      Atlantic Wall, Part One (English speak) Atlantic Wall, construction (German speak)      
      Atlantic Wall, Part Two D-Day as the Germans saw it (German speak)      
      Atlantic Wall, Part Three Norway's coastal defense (German speak)      
      Atlantic Wall, Part Four        
      Atlantic Wall, Part Five        
      TEST: Embedded slideshow      

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